The Successful Career of Blackjack Pro James Grosjean

James Grosjean is popular in the blackjack scene because of his numerous achievements not only as a professional blackjack player, but also as a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, author and master card counter.

James Grosjean was a graduate student of mathematics at the University of Chicago in Illinois when he began playing professional blackjack. After participating in several blackjack events, this professional blackjack player started to analyze and consider other possible ways of gaining a winning edge over his opponents. Since then, he has been participating in blackjack tournaments successfully and he has never grown tired of playing his favorite gambling activity.

Due to his seriousness about blackjack, James Grosjean has started to write books about the subject. The first book he wrote was titled "Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games From Blackjack to Video Poker." From the title itself, we would know that it does not only tackle the game of blackjack. It also discusses other gambling activities such as craps, poker, and video poker, making such book an ideal one for all serious gamblers. This book was the reason why James Grosjean became known worldwide.

James Grosjean was one of the professional blackjack players who teamed up with the late blackjack giant Keith Taft when the latter developed a computer that could be used by players to get a winning advantage at blackjack tables. Taft was also one of the professional blackjack players who praised the ability of James Grosjean to analyze and calculate methods as far as the game of blackjack is concerned.

Aside from such achievements, James Grosjean is also popular because of the legal battles with regard to gambling that he has always been involved in. What makes him more popular is the fact that he always emerges victorious in such legal cases. This professional blackjack player even won an imprisonment lawsuit wherein he was granted US$400,000 for the damages.

It was in 2006 when James Grosjean became an inductee into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Since then, he has been officially recognized as one of the world's best professional blackjack player, joining other inductees and blackjack giants such as Taft, Lawrence Revere, Julian Brain, Stanford Wong, Ken Uston, Edward O. Thorp, Arnold Snyder, Tommy Hyland, Peter Griffin, Max Rubin, and Al Francesco.

James Grosjean has been continuously active in being a professional blackjack player, participating in events and tournaments conducted in various parts of the world. Nowadays, he is particularly fond of deceiving other people in a playful manner by adopting physical disguises when he visits casinos. He is fond of making casino-goers guess who he is.