Blackjack London Deal: Play Face-Up

Each casino houses rules and play options differently from other casinos. A house may accommodate multiple split option while other casinos may not.

Card dealing may also vary from casino to casino. One popular way of dealing cards is known as Blackjack London Deal.

As opposed to Nevada Deal, another popular card dealing method, the dealer distributes cards face up in Blackjack London Deal so that the player's cards are known both to player and to dealer.

On the other hand, the dealer's hand is known only partially: one card is dealt. The dealer then receives his second card only after the players have received theirs. This dealing method increases house edge over the players.

In Blackjack London Deal, the player must never touch the cards. This rule is to keep the players from making any marks on the card.

Blackjack is a card game where the object of the player is to have a hand with a sum of 21 or close to 21 but not over 21. If the player's card total exceeds 21, the player busts and he loses.

If the player would like to add another card to his hand, he has to indicate this with a hand signal. To ask for another card is known as hit in the world of blackjack. To hit, the player must make a scratching motion above the cards or on the cards while mouthing "Hit me." The dealer will then deal the player another card.

Should the player like to indicate his satisfaction with his current hand, the player must say "Stand" or "Stay" in Blackjack London Deal. At the same time, the player has to make a waving motion horizontally with a hand.

Only after one player has indicated his play option does the dealer proceed to the next player.

The dealer also makes a hit-or-stand option. His decision, however, revolves around the house rule that the dealer stands only on a 17-hand or higher. Otherwise, the dealer has to keep on hitting.

In blackjack, house rules are built at 55% (or higher) edge over the players. Blackjack London Deal is a card dealing method that seems to keep house edge at a maximum. This is why it is essential for card counting players to know the style of dealing cards that a house has.

The object of the card counting player is to keep house edge at bay with appropriate card moves or play options. So when the dealer deals the player's hand face while the dealer receives his second card only after all the players have theirs in Blackjack London Deal, the card counting player considers this method in his whole picture of beating the dealer.