Ultimate Blackjack Tour: Risk and Win

There exists a blackjack tournament strategy tip that advises a player to use risk management to save one's chip stacks from dwindling needlessly. Risk management proposes that you bet little at the beginning of the elimination rounds, and bet aggressively later in the game. Since to qualify for the next round of a blackjack tournament, one must have the most number of remaining chips, risk management theory may perhaps work effectually.

Not when you want to join the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Here you need to grow your stacks of chips early in the game, and you can't earn much unless you bet much without qualms. Much of the excitement about this tournament of tournaments is that it is a tournament not for the passive, but for the gung-ho.

At Ultimate Blackjack Tour, players are to dispense without risk management. Players are encouraged to be riskier when in comes to betting by having players with the least number of chips eliminated after a defined number of hands. This is done after 8 consecutive rounds of dealing hands, then done again after 16 dealt hands, and again after 25 dealt hands.

Ultimate Blackjack Tour begins with a run of elimination tournaments. These annual tournaments are held countrywide, and in select places in the world like Paris. Players who win in the series are to meet in the finals. As it is with tournaments, the players will try to beat each other instead of against a house dealer.

Everyone has a chance at the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. To get a seat at the tournament, however, players are required an entry fee. One may also gain a seat without having to pay for the entry fee by winning in satellite tournaments.

Some online blackjack casinos holding tournaments may also be means of earning free entry to the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

Ultimate Blackjack Tour only began in 2006 as a televised card sport. Like its poker counterpart, the World Series of Poker, viewers participate in the excitement of the game by having them see what is hidden from everyone else at the blackjack table: the dealer's hole card.

Another feature of Ultimate Blackjack Tour which lends to its excitability among viewers is the equipment with what is referred to as secret bet. The secret bet is a potential bluff weapon which every player may employ at any favorable moment during the game.

Ultimate Blackjack Tour is an annual event designed to gather a worldwide pool of blackjack players. Here players play against each other.

Meant for the tough and the risky, the tournament structure is designed to eliminate blackjack players with the least count of chips after a given number of card dealing rounds. Players have to earn as many as chips as early in the game as they can by making large bets. After earning numerous chips, one must struggle to maintain the status quo if one wants to win, ultimately, the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.